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In India, traditionally, the making of jewellery has been carried out by guilds of craftsmen and artisans. Usually, a craft community specialized in a trade and the knowledge and the skills of the trade were passed on through generations. One was either born into the trade or initiated into it by aptitude; and learned to practice it through a long period of apprenticeship. One identified with the trade one practiced, and that in turn formed one's identity. The working class crafts and artisan community considered Vishwa-karma' (The Creator of the World) as their God, and making things in harmony with nature's creation was their creed. Objects were made following the laws of Vishwa-Karma, making things well was itself an act of worship.

Learning the art of designing jewellery this way lent an immediate advantage to the Indian craftsman in the form of sensitivity and a complete feel of the material and its manufacturing process; along with the specialized skills of jewellery designing. The continuity of tradition enabled products to be refined and perfected over generations leading to the creation of classical forms.

At Ivory Mart Jewellers, the traditional jewellery industry, still exists in almost its original form, making traditional jewellery with the same traditional excellence and finesse. There have been, however, changes in forms and visual appeal to suit the modem trends and decorative requirements.           

Through extensive international patronage, the tradition is still kept alive to amaze the world with the glory of the yesteryears!